Butter • Mere Patisserie is a Vancouver, BC, based pastry shop! We combines the traditional French pastry technique, Asian flavours, and modern concept to challenge Vancouver’s diverse and vibrant culinary scene. Butter • Mere specializes in dessert pastries, wedding cake, birthday cake, baby shower, artisanal chocolates, macarons, and select viennoiserie. Furthermore, we have started pastry workshops in 2018! We would like to educate people more about desserts in depth and making their own cakes!  

Jamie Tung

is the owner/pastry chef of Butter • Mere Patisserie. After completed the Communication Degree in Simon Fraser University, she continued her journey in baking and pastry in Pacific Institute of Culinary Art in Vancouver. Later on she joined the Paris Tour with Jackie Kai Ellis, the ex-owner of Beaucoup Bakery, the trip was very inspiring, which opens up the door of French pastry. In 2015, Jamie moved to Whistler, she was trained under a well known and very talented pastry Chef, Dominic Fortin at the Bearfoot Bistro. A year after, she also had fantastic experience working at high end dessert bar, Mosquito, in Vancouver. With the combination of different approaches and experiences, she utilizes the knowledge and skill in Butter.Mere Patisserie. She usually goes off to Master Pastry classes to update herself and bringing modern skills back to Vancouver!

Butter • Mere Patisserie  ||

Pastry Class Instructor

Pastry Consultant

April 2017, Melissa Coppel , Intensive Chocolate Workshop

October 2017, Dinara Kasko , Modern Cakes Technique

March 2018, Cedric Grolet, Glamorous Parisian Pastries

June 2018, Yann Couvreur, MASTER CLASS

August 2018, Andres Lara, Fresh Pastry Boutique Class

September 2018, Kristen Tidball, Modern Pastry Demo


March 2019, Jordi Bordas, Pastry courses according to B Concept

July 2019, Francisco Migoya, Cotemporary Chocolates

August 2019, Joakim Prat, The Éclairs of Maitre Choux

December 2019, Jerome Landrieu, Professional Chocolate Showpiece